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It’s okay to be sad

June 15, 2018

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i’ve dealt with depression for most of my adult life and i’ve learned not to really tell people about it, only people i’m close to. otherwise, when i discussed it openly, it was only used against me to make fun of me. i’ve also stopped trying to be a self-deprecating asshole towards myself and mask my discomfort with dumb self-hate jokes because people will quickly feel okay with joking about it with me and i think overall, that creates a climate where depression is not taken seriously. so i had to stop.

and honestly not making jokes about myself has made me feel a lot more better about myself. i still do every now and then, but it’s no longer who i am. i’m forcing myself to try and be positive about things more often..even though half the time it might be a false positive haha. but fake it til you make it.

i guess that’s why people who are depressed, a lot of their friends or family would be like, wow! they’re always so happy and smiling though!

but i welcome anyone who feels sad to just fuckin feel it. if you wanna talk about it, let’s talk about it. i’ll be there telling you it’ll get better tomorrow. to lay down, to take the day off, etc. don’t submit yourself to doing happy things. do comforting things. just don’t drink a bottle of whiskey.