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🗻Acadia National Park, Maine🗻

i got two weeks vacation and i decided to go to bar harbor where they have acadia national park. i brought my girlfriend shannel, she said she’s never been to the ocean. it was my mission to bring her to the coast and let her touch it! i loved seeing the sites myself but i felt a lot more enjoyment watching shannel be such a cute little tourist.

we arrived really late at night and had just wondered through acadia trying to find a camp site. unfortunately we could only stay one night. we found another camp site in bar harbor for cheap. the whole trip didnt have a solid plan or anything, we just took our time and wandered.

We ended the trip with whale watching. incredible stuff.

🌱 🌿 Stills of nature🌱 🌿

A few weeks ago I was able to get some footage for a project I’m working on, I can’t give much detail but I’m super stoked about it because I love photographing nature and thought filming would be so tyteee. I thought I’d share some stills from some of the footage. My sony a6500 is my fuckin’ baby. Paired with the 30mm sigma lens, gives you buttery smooth bokeh. I also used a fuji eterna 250d LUT, I can’t even remember where I downloaded it. Anyway, check it out.